Keynote Speakers

Kyoko Sato


Kyoko Sato is Associate Director of the Program in Science, Technology, and Society at Stanford University. Her current work examines how nuclear governance in Japan and the United States evolved in postwar years and what impact the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster has had in both countries. She is currently co-editing a collective volume (with Soraya Boudia and Bernadette Bensaude Vincent), Living in a Nuclear World: From Fukushima to Hiroshima, an interdisciplinary post-Fukushima reflection on the development of the global nuclear order, which highlights the politics of, and the relationships among, knowledge, memories, survival, and national and international standards. Her previous work examined the politics of genetically modified food in France, Japan, and the United States. She received her PhD in sociology from Princeton University, MA in journalism from New York University, and BA in English from the University of Tokyo. She also held postdoctoral and teaching positions at Cornell University and Harvard University. Born and raised in Tokyo, she worked as a reporter for The Japan Times, an English-language daily in Tokyo, before entering the academia.


Sonya Schmid










Sonja Schmid is an associate professor in the Department of Science, Technology, and Society (STS) at Virginia Tech's Northern Virginia campus. She teaches courses in social studies of technology, science and technology policy, socio-cultural studies of risk, energy policy, and nuclear nonproliferation. For her first book, Producing Power: The Pre-Chernobyl History of the Soviet Nuclear Industry (MIT Press 2015), she studied the history and organization of the emerging nuclear power sector in the former USSR, relying on archival documents and interviews with veterans of the Soviet nuclear industry. In other work, she has traced Soviet nuclear technology transfer to Central and East European nations to explore the fate of Soviet-designed nuclear artifacts once their host nations joined the European Union. Her current research project, which is supported by an NSF CAREER Award, focuses on the challenges of globalizing nuclear emergency response.


Brian Wynne

Brian Wynne is Professor Emeritus of Science Studies and a former Research Director of the Centre for the Study of Environmental Change (CSEC) at the Lancaster University. His education includes an MA (Natural Sciences, Cambridge 1968), PhD (Materials Science, Cambridge 1971), MPhil (Sociology of Science, Edinburgh 1977). His work has covered technology and risk assessment, public risk perceptions, and public understanding of science, focusing on the relations between expert and lay knowledge and policy decision-making.

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