Conference AGORAS 2019

Governing risks beyond the "here" and "now"

The 3rd International AGORAS Conference closes the eponymous research project. Financed for a six-year period by the ANR as part of the RSNR1 “Investissements d'Avenir” program, AGORAS explores the foundations of nuclear risk governance, in the "Post-Fukushima" context, through a multidisciplinary and dynamic approach that pays close attention to interactions between all stakeholders and to their embeddedness in long-term trajectories embracing past, present and future.

Following the 1st 2017 symposium and the 2nd international Conference "Lessons learned: Studying learning devices and processes in relation to technological accidents" organized in December 2018, this 3rd AGORAS Conference is intended above all to be a forum for exchange and dialogue between actors from the academic, industrial, institutional and political worlds, with different disciplines and affiliations, who are interested in risk governance, not limited to nuclear risks. It aims to enrich current reflections and efforts to improve risk governance practices through a hybridization of points of view, essential to provide concrete answers to the complex issues posed by risks and their governance.



For this 3rd International conference, we invite original papers, empirical or theoretical, in English or French, which address and analyze risk governance processes. Contributions adopting various perspectives are welcome, however this conference aims more particularly at deepening two central issues for governing risks:


  • Beyond, around and within which boundaries is risk governance organized?
  • In which temporalities / time horizons is risk governance embedded?



Stéphanie Tillement – Associate Professor of Sociology, IMT Atlantique
Frédéric Garcias – Associate Professor in Management, Univ Lille
Benoit Journé – Professor in Management, Univ. Nantes

Scientific Committee

Valérie Arnhold – Centre de Sociologie des Organisations, CNRS-Sciences Po
Olivier Borraz – CNRS Research Professor of Sociology, Centre de Sociologie des Organisations, CNRS-Sciences Po
Florence Charue Duboc – Associate Professor of Management at « Ecole Polytechnique » and CNRS Research Professor, I3-CRG
Céline Cholez – Associate Professor of Sociology, Grenoble INP – Génie Indutriel, PACTE, MSH Alpes
Jérémy Eydieux – Associate Professor of Management, Grenoble INP, CERAG
Christine Fassert – Researcher of Sociology, IRSN
Frédéric Garcias – Associate Professor of Management, Univ Lille
Bénédicte Geffroy – Professor of Management, IMT Atlantique
Claude Gilbert – Emeritus CNRS Research Professor of Political Science, PACTE, IEP de Grenoble
Elsa Gisquet – Researcher of Sociology, IRSN
Jan Hayes – Associate Professor of Sociology, RMIT University, Australia
Gabrielle Hecht – Frank Stanton Foundation Professor of Nuclear Security, Professor of History, Stanford University
François Jeffroy – Head of Social and Human Sciences Lab., IRSN
Benoit Journé – Professor of Management, Université de Nantes
Guy Minguet – Professor of Sociology, IMT Atlantique
Paul R. Schulman – Emeritus Professor of Government at Mills College in Oakland, California
Stéphanie Tillement – Associate Professor of Sociology, IMT Atlantique
Pascal Ughetto – Professor of Sociology, UPEM, LATTS

Organizing Committee

Anne Colard – IMT Atlantique
Jérémy Eydieux – Grenoble INP
Frédéric Garcias – Univ Lille
Sophie Guinoiseau – IMT Atlantique
Geoffrey Leuridan – IMT Atlantique
Anne Russel – IMT Atlantique
Stéphanie Tillement – IMT Atlantique

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